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Tech Training and Consulting

Have you been day-dreaming?

Do you want to feel comfortable adding content, images and/or pages to your WordPress website?

Do you struggle with creating email newsletters in Mailchimp?

Do people send you Google Docs and you have no idea how to add comments or even how to find the document later?

Stop the madness! Let me help you!

I LOVE to teach. I won’t even try to count the number of hours I’ve spent creating tutorials for my clients. I’m patient, and I understand that tech really can be scary for some people…and that’s ok!

The best part about live training sessions or recorded tutorials is that I’m not doing the work for you, I’m showing you how to do it so you can feel confident and ready to tackle the task the next time you need to get it done.

How it Works


You’ll fill out my project inquiry form to tell me about your tech-learning desires.


Depending on your needs, we may have a live Zoom session (which we can record if you’d like) and/or I’ll create video tutorials for you. Either way, you’ll get all of your questions answered and learn how to do whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish.


We can schedule one session or five (or more!). It will all depend on what and how much you’re wanting to learn.

What tech training and consulting does NOT involve:


In-person sessions. The best way to get more comfortable with tech is to use it. Whether it’s through Zoom (don’t worry, it’s easy to use) or video tutorials, you’ll be able to stay in your PJs and avoid traffic by using your own computer in your own home.


IT support.  Tech training and consulting is for those who want to learn how to use their website, email marketing program, Google Drive, gmail, and other related topics or tasks.  If you are looking for assistance with your computer hardware, computer backups, how to use your mobile device, how to fix your printer, or other types of needs, you’ll want to contact an IT company.

Ready to stop struggling and start learning?