About Exhale Design Co

A big hearty Texas welcome to you, my friend!

Building WordPress websites is my jam! Strategizing about bringing my clients' vision to life is my peanut butter. Just like PB&J, we'll make quite the team!

I'm excited to get to know you!

About Me

Howdy! Stefani Harris here...your website strategist, designer, developer and caretaker. Some may even call me a website guru! I am the owner and founder of Exhale Design Co, a boutique web design and development company based in Houston, TX.

I have been designing, building and managing websites since 2012. And while a lot has changed on the www over the years, one thing has remained constant—my love of helping people look great online and seeing clients reap the benefits of our hard work together!

My clients have included non-profit organizations, therapists and medical practices, construction companies, educational consulting firms, bloggers, attorneys and many more. I'd love to count you among my many happy clients.

While you may think you just need a website, my services go far beyond simply designing and building a bunch of pages. Through my comprehensive, three-phased approach, you will enjoy a holistic, collaborative experience that will provide you with a perfect solution that meets all of your needs and exceeds all of your expectations.

I'd love to work with you to make your vision a reality.

Stefani Harris

Why Partner with Exhale Design Co?

Oooh, I'm so glad you asked!

  1. You won't find a more thorough and detailed web design and development process or web designer and developer than me. I ask a LOT of questions to get to know you, your business, and your needs. Get ready!
  2. I am resourceful as all get-out; some even call me a master sleuth. If I don't have the answer or solution for you, I'll find it. You better believe it!
  3. I am constantly learning, improving and growing so that YOU can benefit from my knowledge and experience. Are you ready to grow?

What's the Meaning Behind the Name?

I'm even more excited to tell you about this! Each word holds special significance to me and my clients. Allow me to break it down for you...


Taking a big, deep breath can help in nearly every situation. Frustrated with sitting in traffic? Ate too much at dinner? Stressed out? Take a breath...and exhale! All will be ok.

My goal is for clients to breathe a huge sigh of relief when partnering with me.  I will take care of all the tech and design details so they can keep doing what they do best—working on their own business. Ahhh...


I'm not referring to design strictly in a visual sense. I help businesses and organizations design their website, their branding, and in many cases, their goals, mission, vision, sales approach, marketing strategy, and much more. It truly is an all-encompassing experience.


Co doesn't just stand for Company.  It is also meant to represent collaboration, cooperation, community, and concept.

And there you have it! I find that knowing the meaning behind a name creates a deeper connection and understanding of the person and the company. Cheers to breathing a sigh of relief, designing a business and website that you love, and collaborating to get you exactly where you want and need to be.

P.S. I was in a wonderful business partnership for the past six years, and in 2021, we realized it was time for a change. Maybe it was the crazy times we were living in (ew, Covid). Maybe I just had an itch to start anew. Either way, here I am, and I'm very excited for this journey. As my full website is being built, I invite you to see my portfolio here.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to bring your vision to life on the screen.

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