WordPress Website Maintenance and Hosting

You’ve invested a plethora of time and money into your website and your business.

Why would you cut corners when it comes to maintenance and hosting?

That would be like landscaping your yard beautifully but never cutting your grass or pulling the weeds. It’ll look crappy and you’ll have ant beds, creepy crawlies and other creatures encroaching on your lawn. Yuck!

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Sure, you could try to manage your own website (think backups, security monitoring, software updates). But do you have the time or desire? And what if you run into a technical problem or your site gets hacked. Do you have the skills or patience to deal with that?

We have all of that, so let us do the dirty work!

Your website is the online face of your business, and in many cases, your main revenue stream. It is 100% worth ensuring that this vital asset is safe, secure, and working properly, just as you would your home, your car, and your health.

The WordPress Website Maintenance and Hosting Plan (WMP) is a comprehensive hosting, security, backup, and software update service that will make your website significantly safer and more secure.

How it Works



You’ll contact us here, then we’ll have an intro call to make sure we’re a good fit. If we are, we’ll send over your contract and set you up with auto-pay so you have one less bill to worry about each month.



We’ll give you instructions on how to securely share your website login info and other important information with us.



We’ll get started moving your website to our preferred host, then locking it down and backing it up.



You kick back with a margarita knowing your online home is safe and secure in the hands of the experts. We worry about your website so all you have to do is run your biz.

The Details

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