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You need a professional online presence that attracts your ideal customers.

You don’t need a website that causes you stress and anxiety.

Let us help you build and manage your website and/or create your branding so you can get back to doing what brings you joy (like this dude, doing his avo-cardio)!


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Have you been procrastinating getting your website built or wasting time trying to DIY when you have no desire or time to figure out the tech involved?

How about your branding? Have you dabbled in Canva or hired someone on a crowdsourcing site only to find out that you need something more comprehensive, strategic, cohesive, and professional?

I get it! A lot goes into creating a brand and a website...and not to mention maintaining that website!

I'm here to help!

Gimme the scoop!

How can we work together?

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Website Design & Development

Through a mindful and collaborative process, we’ll get your website built and launched so customers or donors can not only find you but fall in love with you! We build with WordPress to ensure your website can grow right along with your business, and we’ll deliver a strategic solution that will make that growth possible.

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Website Maintenance

Once your site is out into the world, we’ll make sure it’s secure, backed up, and updated so you can rest easy knowing the not-so-sexy back-end stuff is taken care of. Superb hosting with priority support is included. No more being the 154th customer in line where you'll spend the first 15 minutes verifying you own your account.



Through thoughtful strategy work, we'll hone in on your goals, target audience, brand tone, and more.

You'll be ready to conquer the world...and your website and social media with a streamlined, strategic, and beautiful logo, color palette, typography pairing, and more!

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Tech Training, Consulting, RAPS

Looking for something else? We also offer WordPress and Mailchimp tech training, consulting, and a little something we like to call “RAPs.”

Have you been craving the idea of making updates to your own website, navigating around Mailchimp, or learning new tech skills? We have you covered with tech training and consulting that will cure your fear of tech. We also tackle Random Ass Projects (RAPs) for you if you don't have the time or desire to do them yourself.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

not in that particular order

We don’t just build websites and design brands. We create solutions.

With The Foundation website, we'll design and build you a professional website that includes all the essentials you need to have a strong online presence.

The Works websites have more features or pages than what's included in The Foundation.  We'll begin with discovery so we can accurately estimate your project in terms of both cost and timing.  Then, we deliver a professional solution that will bring you success, happiness, and of course, sales or donors.

If you don’t have your branding created yet, we’ll get that done first.

We'll also ensure your website copy is in tip-top shape! I will recommend and connect you with one of my trusted copywriting partners to ensure your content is well-written and properly structured for the web. (I require all clients to work with a professional copywriter.)

In other words, we’ve got you covered for nearly everything you need to kick booty on the web and/or in print.

We don’t just “quickly put something together.”

Rushing through a project can result in cutting corners.  You wouldn’t want to do that with your home, so why do that with your website or branding?  Things literally will fall through the cracks.

If you’re looking for someone to guess what you need and whip it up at the snap of a finger, I’m not your gal.  There are plenty of companies that can [try to] do that for you, though.

We also don't handle I.T. requests (i.e. troubleshooting computer or mobile device hardware or software, configuring email on your computer or mobile devices, etc.).  An I.T. professional is better suited to tackle those tasks.

Non-profit organizations, educational consulting firms, artists, therapy and medical practices, construction companies, bloggers, attorneys, and many more.

While my clients’ industries may vary, they all possess the following characteristics:

  • They are ready. They may still need hand-holding and lots of strategy work, but they are responsive, eager, excited, and recognize the value of investing in a professional online presence.
  • They see a website and professional branding as an investment and not an expense. If you are wanting to wheel and deal, we’re not going to work. If you want cheap, there are plenty of other designers out there. Just keep in mind that good is never cheap, and cheap is never good.

(1) Clients who don’t want to be involved in the process. I love examples, so here are a few to help you understand why your involvement is imperative:

  • You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and say, “just make me something.”
  • You wouldn’t tell a home builder, “just build me a house.”
  • You wouldn’t tell an interior designer to “just pick everything out, I don’t want to have to make any decisions.”

Moral of the story: It is crucial that you are involved in your own website and branding, as they are the face and representation of your business.

And, mind-reading isn’t part of my services.

(2) People or companies looking for a discount or some other type of deal because of x, y or z. Hey, I feel ya. You are just starting out or you got burned by another designer. I know money can be tight, but starting a business or making improvements to an existing business requires making an investment.

(3) People who are rude or condescending in any way. Exhale Design Co is all about kindness, love, appreciation and respect…and it goes both ways.

Oooh, I'm so glad you asked!

  • You won't find a more thorough and detailed design and development process or designer and developer than me. I ask a LOT of questions to get to know you, your business, and your needs. Get ready!
  • I am resourceful as all get-out; some even call me a master sleuth. If I don't have the answer or solution for you, I'll find it. You better believe it!
  • I am constantly learning, improving and growing so that YOU can benefit from my knowledge and experience. Are you ready to grow?

I know you’re eager. I am too! You’ll start by filling out my project inquiry form. Then, we’ll have an intro call to make sure we’re a good fit. If we are, I’ll send over a proposal for us to begin working together. Then, we’ll get the party started!

  • Time, commitment, dedication
  • You making your business as much of a priority as I plan to do
  • Having your professional branding (logo, typography, color palette, and photography) completed before website design and development begins
  • Having your professionally written content ready before design begins
  • Responsiveness
  • Thoughtful, clear communication vs. one-word answers

Exhale Design Co is based in Houston, Texas, and available to work with clients all over the world. All communication occurs via email or Zoom, so no need to get dressed up or gas up the car (or charge it if electric cars are your thing).

Are we meant to be?

We’re a good fit if you:

  • Understand the value of a professional website, strategic branding, and ongoing website maintenance.

  • Ask questions but also trust the pros to do what they do best.

  • Are responsive and want to get this project done in a reasonable amount of time. Dragging things out is not fun for anyone.

  • Make your business as much of a priority as I plan to do!

  • Act with kindness, appreciation and respect.

Green light!

We’re not a good fit if you:

  • Can't meet deadlines or frequently go AWOL.

  • Don't trust our knowledge and expertise.

  • Are not ready to invest in your business.

  • Think a high-quality, professional brand and/or website can be whipped up without proper planning and preparation.

Red light!