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Brand Identity Design

Your brand captures the look, feel, tone, values, and positioning of your business.

Without strategically putting all of these elements together, you may attract the wrong audience, look less than stellar online and in print, and/or lack confidence and end up losing clients or sales.

We wouldn't want any of that to happen!

Branding is not just a logo or a mission statement.  It’s so much more!  We’ll work collaboratively to get clear on your brand tone and voice, target audience, and color and font preferences.  When your branding is complete, you'll have all the assets needed to start promoting the heck out of your business, services, products, and YOU!

How it works:


You’ll contact us here to get started. We'll have an intro call, and if we're a good fit, I'll send you a proposal and invoice so we can kick this party off!


Kickoff: You'll complete a questionnaire and we'll have a strategy session to ensure we're on the same page about your branding wishes.


Initial Brand Concept Delivery: I’ll present your logo concept, which will include your primary and secondary logos, submark(s), color palette, typography, and more.


Feedback and Refinement: You'll provide it, I'll refine it.


Finalization: You’ll receive all of your logo files in your color palette along with Brand Guidelines.


Celebration: Pop that champagne, my friend!  You can now start incorporating your branding into your website, social media, email marketing, and so much more!

The Deliverables

Primary logo

Secondary logo



Color palette

Brand guidelines

Marketing collateral, if applicable

The Investment

Starting at $1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

I just need a logo. Can we skip the strategy part?

Without proper planning and strategizing, you may risk having an inconsistent, unprofessional look and feel for your business.

A logo involves typography, a color palette, and typically an image. Putting these pieces together without first identifying your target audience and the background and goals of the brand might result in visual representation of your business that does not align with your customers or clients. When you put in the work to create a strategy first, it helps everything else fall into place.

What file formats will be provided?

All of your assets will be saved in JPG, PNG, and .eps formats. They will be delivered via DropBox in one folder, organized by asset (i.e. primary logo, secondary logo, submarks, etc.).

How many rounds of revisions will we go through?

After your initial concept is presented, we'll go through two rounds of revisions to get everything just right. 

What if I need more revisions?

The purpose of the questionnaire, strategy session, and Brand Strategy Guide is to ensure there is a clear path forward for your branding. If we haven't gotten it right after the allotted revisions, we'll discuss additional revisions and fees, if applicable, at that time.

I already have a font or font pairing in mind. Can we use it/them?

Possibly :). We'll discuss your font preferences and make sure they align with your target audience, brand tone, and more. If I don't feel the ones you bring to the table are the best fit, I'll let you know and we'll discuss options.

What if I change my mind on the direction of my brand?

Things happen and things change. If the name or focus of your business has changed since we began working together, we'll discuss the best approach for moving forward. 

How much will I need to be involved in the branding process?

From a timing standpoint, you'll need to be available to provide feedback within 24 hours. 

More importantly, though, you'll need to provide thoughtful, detailed feedback. When your Brand Strategy Guide and logo concepts are presented, a feedback from as well as tips for good feedback vs. not-so-great feedback will be included.  The more thorough you can be with your feedback, the better for all involved.

If you're someone who likes to drive the ship, micromanage, or direct the design process, we probably aren't a good fit. You've hired me to create something very special for you, but if you don't allow me to do the work you hired me for, I won't be able to deliver a quality product.

I have more questions about the process or something else branding-related.

Sweet! Bring 'em on! You can fill out my inquiry form or email me at hello@exhaledesignco.com.

Ready to get clear on your brand and have gorgeous visuals to share with the world?