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The Challenge:

Mark Vaughan, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, added a coaching business to complement his therapy practice. Revel Sex Coaching needed the full package – branding, copywriting, and a website, all with the goal of establishing credibility and showcasing the coaching arm to prospective clients.

The Solution:

For Mark’s branding, we used his favorite animal — the wolf — because it is well-established for its sharp intelligence, self-reliance, and appetite for freedom. Mysterious and intimidating, this creature is known as the symbol for perseverance, stability, intuition, loyalty, and success. This was the messaging/image Mark wanted to convey with his branding. We got permission from the artist to use the wolf image tattooed on Mark’s back, and we incorporated deep green to represent the outdoors and burgundy for warmth.

Carefully crafted copywriting helped Mark’s business get its message across in a clear and thoughtful way, and the website design was structured to ensure it was easy to find the information visitors would need to help them decide to book a consultation.

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