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How to Set Up Your Social Media Business Accounts – the Easy Way!

If you don’t know the first thing about how to set up social media accounts for a business, let this blog be your sigh of relief.

I know social media account setup can be tricky sometimes. Maybe even overwhelming if you’re not tech-savvy. In fact, business page setups on social media channels are one of the most commonly requested RAPs from my clients.

(That’s Random Ass Projects for those of you who are new to me!)

But don’t worry, I’m here to techie-tackle your setup on multiple social media accounts with my guide to setting your business accounts up for success on social media. Yay!

Whether you want to set up a killer Instagram business account, create a beautiful Pinterest board, or look uber-professional on LinkedIn, I’ve got you covered so you can start acing your social media marketing strategy.

In this blog, you’ll learn not only how to set up your social media accounts for your business, but how to set them up for success with my top optimization tips for the most popular social media channels.

Let’s get right into it!

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Facebook has been around for quite some time. Yet businesses still don’t have much luck with social media marketing on this platform because they don’t set up or optimize their pages properly. While I’ll leave the detailed instructions to Facebook’s guide, here’s how to do it in plain English:

How to Set Up Your Business Facebook Page

  1. Create or login to your personal Facebook account.
  2. Head to this page and click “Create new page”.
  3. Fill in your business information, upload profile and cover photos, and add a Call to Action (CTA) button.
  4. Complete your About section with a detailed description of your business, including hours, location, contact information, a link to your website, etc.
  5. Assign roles to anyone else (i.e., your social media manager) you want to have access to the account for posting, etc. (o do this, go to your Facebook business page, then click settings, and “Manage page roles”.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Choose a great cover photo

Ensure your cover photo is high-quality, enticing, and the right size (these dimensions often change, so check Facebook’s page for up-to-date sizes).

Size your profile photo correctly

Choose either a professional image of you (the business owner of your company) or your company logo, making sure it’s clear, positioned correctly, and the right size

Fill in every section

Complete your About section with a detailed description of your business, including hours, location, contact information, a link to your website and other social media profiles, etc.


According to a recent study, Instagram is the number one social media platform for people to connect with brands – making it perfect for social media marketing. See how to set it up by checking out Instagram’s guide, or taking a look at the basics below.

How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Account

  1. Decide whether you want to switch your personal account to a business one.
  2. Or, alternatively, add a new business account (which you can easily switch to).
  3. Go to settings and click “switch to business account”.
  4. Connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account or create a new Facebook page for your business if you don’t already have one.
  5. Add a business name, description, contact information, location, website link, etc.

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Update your profile photo

Add a clear image of your face or your company’s logo in 320 x 320 pixels. Make sure you can easily see what is in the image from a mobile device. 

Create a consistent visual “look”

Use consistent colors, filters, and themes in your posts to create a recognizable, on-brand, and professional-looking feed.

Use Instagram’s shopping features

If you sell products, take advantage of Instagram’s shopping features, such as the “Shop” tab and shoppable posts, to make it easy for customers to make purchases.


According to recent research, 75% of active Pinterest users use the platform for “shopping.” While setting up a business account on Pinterest may not seem like the obvious choice, if you have something to sell, then Pinterest is perfect for you! Here’s how to set up your account:

How to Set up Your Pinterest Business Account

  1. Go to Pinterest’s business sign-up page and create an account using your business email.
  2. Fill in your basic information, such as your business name, website, and profile picture.
  3. Create boards that are relevant to your business and interests and fill them with pins.
  4. Connect your other business social media accounts to your Pinterest account.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account

Use high-quality images

Pinterest is a visual platform, so make sure your pins are eye-catching and high-quality.

Add keywords and hashtags

Use keywords in your profile, boards, and pins to make it easier for users to find your content.

Organize your boards

Organize your pins into boards based on themes, such as product categories, and make sure you add a cover photo to each one to create a consistent overall look.


Setting up a LinkedIn page can be a powerful way to attract new business, especially if you sell B2B. Even if you don’t have a presence on LinkedIn, you can add a level of trust, credibility, and professionalism to your brand should potential customers search for you online.

How to Create Your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on the “Work” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  3. Click on Create a company page.
  4. Fill out the required information, such as company name, company size, and industry.
  5. Add a profile photo and cover image that represents your company in the right size.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Complete your profile

Provide a clear and complete description of your company, including its history, products, and services. Make sure to include relevant keywords here, too!

Encourage employee engagement

Encourage your employees to engage with your LinkedIn page, share your content, and add your company to their personal profiles.

Post behind-the-scenes content

Humanize your brand and show off your unique company culture, values, and daily happenings in your posts.


Setting up a Twitter profile for your business is pretty painless and doesn’t involve as many steps as setting up your Facebook or Instagram account!

How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business

  1. Go to Twitter’s sign-up page and create a new account using your business email.
  2. Fill in your basic information, such as your name, username, and password.
  3. Add your profile picture and header image in the right size.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Business Account

Use enticing visuals

Incorporate images and videos into your tweets to make them more engaging and attention-grabbing.

Hashtag the heck out of it

Twitter is arguably where hashtags became “a thing.” So use relevant hashtags in your tweets every time!

Engage with your followers

Respond to tweets and messages from your followers, and re-tweet content from other users.


Have a bank of company videos ready to go, or plan to create engaging video content in the future? Then you’ll need a YouTube profile. Here’s how to set one up for your business.

How to Set Up a YouTube Account for Your Business

  1. Go to YouTube’s sign-up page and create a new account.
  2. Add a profile picture and header image (sized appropriately).
  3. Add your business description and links to the About section.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Business Account

Create high-quality video content

Invest in good equipment and production values to make your videos look professional.

Use keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags

Use keywords relevant to your business and audience to increase your visibility on search engines.

Promote your channel elsewhere

Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

You See? Social Media Setup Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Not with my super handy social media cheat sheet, anyway! I hope you’re feeling less stressed about your business’s social media setup and ready to utilize these platforms to attract, engage, and convert your target audience!

At Exhale Design Co, we bring your website, digital strategy, and branding to life, so you can finally breathe out and focus on all that important stuff on your to-do list. Want me to take techie things off your hands? Get in touch!

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