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Why Do You Need Website Hosting Services?

Okay, picture this: You’re totally excited about a fresh start with your new website, all decked out and ready to make its debut.

But, like many, you’ve already committed to a web host, and now you’re wondering why I, your chosen web developer, keep talking about using my own hosting.

Why can’t we use the host you’ve already paid for, right? Let’s begin by making sure we’re all crystal clear on what website hosting is, how it works, and why you need it in the first place.

Then, I’ll explain why I strongly encourage my clients to use my preferred web host.

What is Web Hosting, Anyway?

Picture your website as a digital house.

Every house needs land to be built on, right? Web hosting is that plot of land in the digital world that provides the address so a visitor can find your digital home.

It’s the physical place where all your website files, images, and content reside. Essentially, it’s your site’s very own real estate.

What Types of Web Hosting Exist?

Oh, honey, you have choices galore! From shared web hosting to private server VPS hosting to dedicated web hosting and cloud hosting, it’s enough to drive you mad trying to choose what’s best for you and your website.

The best fit? It depends on your website’s size and traffic, your budget, and the experience you want when it comes to support. Because let’s face it, every website owner (or the company that manages websites) has to contact web hosting support at some point. But don’t stress!

With Exhale Design Co., we make sure you’re always hosted in style with WordKeeper, the web hosting company I swear by for its efficiency, quality, and reliability. I’ve been working with WordKeeper since 2015, and they host every website on my maintenance plan.

Why Do You Need Web Hosting in the First Place?

Well, without a web hosting service, your website kinda doesn’t exist. It’s invisible – and unfindable – online.

Web hosting ensures your website is visible, accessible, and has its own place in the world wide web. It’s the stage that lets your brand shine brightly in the digital space.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Web hosting can seem a bit techie and complex. Look at it this way: web hosting essentially works as a 24/7 digital librarian.

When a potential customer types in your web address or clicks on your site from Google search results, this librarian fetches the required website files and serves them up for the potential customer to see. Nifty and efficient, right?

Where is a Website Hosted?

Great question! The best web hosting providers host your website in sleek, high-tech data centers spread across the globe.

These are secure, climate-controlled facilities packed with powerful servers that store your website data.

But don’t worry about the geography – with WordKeeper’s web hosting plan, your website is always in a prime and secure digital location.

Now, back to the original question…

Why Do I Want You to Use My Preferred Web Hosting Provider?

Here’s the lowdown on why I don’t just prefer that my clients host with WordKeeper, I encourage it.

It’s Like Mixing Brands

Imagine buying an air conditioner from Company A, but purchasing maintenance from Company B*, who’s not familiar with Company A’s installations or products. It’s a tad risky.

*Company B, by the way, is a combination of yours truly and WordKeeper. WordKeeper is not only my go-to hosting company, they also handle some of the services provided in my maintenance plan.

Company B could run into a ton of issues, and if anything goes wrong, it’s not covered under Company A’s warranty.

Websites? They work the same way. Mixing hosts (like GoDaddy or Bluehost) with maintenance teams (like the powerful Exhale + WordKeeper duo) is asking for confusion, extra headaches, and struggles with customer support.

Web Hosting Expertise

When I’m in the back end of your site, making sure it’s ticking along nicely, and it’s hosted somewhere I’m not familiar with, it’s a struggle.

Some of the struggles include: spending hours waiting in customer support chat queues, needing to prove I have site access, and navigating unfamiliar landscapes.

My chosen host, WordKeeper, is like the luxe, members-only club of web hosting. They’re efficient, super responsive, and focused on speed and security.

Trust me, you want in. Before you ask, no, I am NOT sponsored to promote this web hosting platform, I just legitimately love it/them!

The Middle-Woman Dilemma

Should any website calamities arise (knock on wood!) and your site isn’t using WordKeeper’s web hosting service, guess who’s caught in the middle?

Yours truly.

And being the middle-woman without the power to fix things on the spot is, well, unproductive. My aim? Keeping things streamlined and efficient.

Cost-Effective and Safe

Now, I get it. Some dedicated hosting plans look super attractive, coming in at just a few bucks a month.

But remember the old saying: “You get what you pay for.”

A cheap plan might save you money up front but leaves you vulnerable to trouble down the road – and ends up costing more in the long run. With WordKeeper, it’s like having a digital butler for your website – they’ve got security, backups, and updates under control.

Peace of Mind

I have a personal relationship with the folks who work at WordKeeper, providing my clients with a truly concierge service.

Peace of mind? Absolutely priceless if you ask me!

Speaking of peace of mind, don’t forget to check out my blog post on “Website Policies Explained: The What, Why, How, and How Much!”

What You Get with My Hosting and Maintenance Plan

Ever wondered why your website sometimes glitches? Or why updates tend to break things? I get it, it’s exasperating!

That’s why at Exhale Design Co., we’ve put together a reliable website maintenance plan (WMP).

High quality, fast, web hosting is just one part of your maintenance plan with me. Here’s the full list of maintenance goodies to keep your website running smoothly and looking fabulous.

What You Get

  • VIP Hosting with WordKeeper: Many web hosting providers offer the bare minimum, but not WordKeeper. All of my clients are hosted by Wordkeeper and treated like VIPs. It’s a must to ensure seamless backups, security, and software updates. The Basic plan is included in the WMP, but if your site needs more oomph, additional tiers are available.
  • No Lost Files: My WMP offers daily backups with 30 days of retention. This ensures that nothing on your website gets deleted or lost for good as long as you notify me within 30 days of a problem.
  • Health Check-Ups: WordKeeper’s top-notch security systems provide daily scans for those pesky malware buggers. Your website deserves only the best health regimen, after all!
  • Clean as a Whistle: If something unsavory (like malware or hacking) befalls your site, we’ll clean it up for free!
  • Google’s Naughty List No More: Should your site’s domain name end up on Google’s blacklist, we’ll work our magic to remove it.
  • Stayin’ Ahead of the Bad Guys: We’re always tweaking security measures. Worried about hackers? Not on our watch! We proactively fight against cyber baddies so they don’t even have a chance to cause damage.
  • Monthly Spruce-Ups: You’ll get regular updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes to ensure your website stays fast and error-free. And if things act up, we’ve got it covered.
  • Save $$: Snag a discount on premium WordPress products by using my license. I pay for all the pro features of software programs that make your website look and function exactly as you wish. I charge my clients a small fee to use my licenses, which is a fraction of what you would pay if you were to buy the licenses yourself.
  • Special Rates Just for You: Need content changes or website tweaks? You’ll enjoy a discounted rate. And sometimes, for those teeny changes, I’ll just sprinkle some magic at no extra cost!

What You DON’T Get

  • Tug-of-Wars: Resolving hefty issues due to plugin or theme conflicts might not be covered. Especially if they involve third-party plugins you added.
  • DIY Troubles: Decided to play around and something went sideways? We encourage leaving the technical bits to us!
  • Extra Design and Content Additions: Updates and tweaks outside the WMP will be billed separately. But, as our cherished maintenance client, you always get dibs and discounts!

In a nutshell? I’m here to keep your website running smoothly, looking gorgeous, and performing at its best. So, put your feet up, enjoy a latte, and let me and my team handle the techy stuff. We’ve got your digital back!

At Exhale Design Co, we bring your website, digital strategy, and branding to life, so you can breathe, relax, and focus on all the important stuff on your to-do list. Get in touch today and let us help you kick your website (and more) into high gear!

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