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Inclusive Schools Network home page

The Challenge:

The website was 10 years old, and it was overdue for a refresh. It had an outdated design and lacked some important functionality. A major challenge was that content was hidden in sub-pages, and those pages weren’t easy to find as they weren’t in the main navigation menu. Additionally, all posts used the same layout, yet there were many different types of posts (blog, client stories, Inclusive Schools Week Themes, etc.), each of which would have benefited from a unique layout.

The Solution:

The new website has a fresh and aesthetically pleasing design, and it was built with modern software that makes managing the site much better for all parties. We focused on making the content easier to find, incorporating a new and improved menu structure which takes the viewer directly to the most important content. Different post types (i.e. blog, client stories, etc.) now have their own unique look, so it’s easy to tell them apart and explore the site better. The result is a beautiful new website with higher user engagement.

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