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Robert Sanders Homes – Boutique custom home builder in Houston, TX


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Robert Sanders Homes home page

The Challenge:

Robert Sanders Homes needed a new logo and color palette, and they had an outdated website that didn’t function properly. The design of both their website and logo lacked the class and professionalism associated with their work. From an accessibility standpoint, the text and links on their website were difficult to read given the lack of color contrast. The lack of functionality was mostly in their portfolio, which is arguably the most important part of a home builder’s website. The main portfolio page showcased their work nicely, but once you clicked on each home, the photo gallery kept loading…forever.

The Solution:

The Robert Sanders Homes project involved revitalizing both the visual identity and functionality of their online presence. Here’s how we tackled each aspect:

Logo and Color Palette Revamp:

  • We worked collaboratively to ensure a clear understanding the Robert Sanders Homes brand – from the types of homes they build and renovate to the clients they work with. Through this, we crafted a new, refined logo that exudes the class and professionalism reflective of their work.
  • With a fresh color palette carefully selected to enhance readability and evoke the desired brand sentiment, we ensured that every visual element resonated with their identity.

Website Overhaul:

  • Leveraging modern design principles, we revamped their website to reflect contemporary aesthetics while maintaining a timeless appeal.
  • Prioritizing accessibility, we meticulously adjusted the color contrast to improve readability for all users, ensuring that text and links are easily discernible.
  • To address the functionality issues, we implemented robust backend solutions to optimize the performance of their portfolio section. Now, visitors can seamlessly explore their impressive projects without encountering endless loading times.

The Result:

The Robert Sanders team now enjoys a sophisticated and functional website that not only aligns with their brand identity but also enhances their online presence, effectively showcasing their unparalleled expertise in home building, renovations, and restoration.

Robert Sanders Home - Homepage Mockup

Kind Words

“We are now enjoying beautiful new branding and a website that is working properly and is reflective of the image we want to project for our company. We liked that Stefani really listened to our wants and needs and was extremely patient in getting everything exactly right. She wasn’t afraid or unwilling to work through ideas and options, and she really did make the process as low stress and fun as is possible.”

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