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The Challenge:

C26 Triathlon had an outdated website that lacked organization, consistency, and clarity.  They needed a professional, on-brand website that showcased their coaching services, highly skilled and qualified coaches, sought-after camps and races, and fantastic community of athletes from across the country.

From a design perspective, images, text blocks, colors, and overall site design needed some major TLC to get everything looking on-brand, consistent, and of course, professional.  In terms of content, there was a decent amount of content on the key pages in the navigation menu, but the content and site architecture needed an overhaul in order to ensure clear messaging throughout. Behind the scenes, there were hundreds of blog posts, some of which were in draft mode and some of which were incomplete or poorly formatted, yet they were published and indexed in Google.  This resulted in spreading themselves very thin SEO-wise as Google was crawling and indexing both their high quality pages and those lower quality, thin content blog posts (hundreds of them!).  Lastly, they were looking for a better ecommerce solution for their online store.

The Solution:

For C26 Triathlon’s website redesign, the focus was on creating a professional, on-brand platform that effectively showcases their coaching services, skilled coaches, camps, races, and community. This involved a comprehensive overhaul of design, content, and SEO strategy. Here’s how we addressed each aspect:

Design and Branding:

  • Revamped the overall design for a more organized, consistent, and professional appearance.
  • Implemented a cohesive color scheme and typography that aligns with the brand identity.
  • Utilized high-quality images and visually appealing layouts to enhance user engagement.

Content and SEO Strategy:

  • Conducted a thorough audit of existing content and restructured it for clarity and coherence.
  • Streamlined site architecture to ensure intuitive navigation and clear messaging.
  • Prioritized key pages such as coaching services, coach profiles, camps, races, and community engagement.
  • Consolidated and optimized blog posts to focus on quality rather than quantity, eliminating thin or incomplete content.
  • Optimized meta tags, headings, and content to improve organic search performance.
  • Created redirections for all URLs that changed or did not come over from the old site.

Ecommerce Enhancement:

  • Upgraded the ecommerce platform for a more seamless, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing online store experience.

The Result:

The new C26 Triathlon website reflects a professional and cohesive online presence that effectively showcases their coaching services, expertise, events, and community. With a refreshed design, optimized content, improved SEO performance, and enhanced ecommerce capabilities, the site is poised to attract and engage both existing and prospective athletes, driving growth and success for the business.

C26 Home page mockup

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