The Apical Meristem Company


The Apical Meristem Company – medical insurance counselor based in Houston, TX


  • website design
  • website development
  • website maintenance

The Apical Meristem Company home page

The Challenge:

Our client had an old website on a different platform that she didn’t have full control over. She had a business focus shift and needed a new website with a fresh design and one that showcased her offerings in order to attract her ideal clients.

The Solution:

We transformed our client’s online presence with a warm, engaging design. The implementation of strategic copywriting not only highlights the client’s expertise but now effectively communicates her unique value proposition. The new platform provides our client with complete control, allowing her to manage and update content. As a result, the website serves as a powerful tool, attracting and resonating with her ideal clients, fostering a strong connection and driving business growth.

The Apical Meristem Company site mockup

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