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Why I Insist Every Client Teams Up with a Professional Copywriter

Today I’m talking about a crucial aspect of the website building process — the undeniable value of professional website copywriting.

If you’ve teamed up with me in the past to build your website or you’re thinking of working together in the future, you know (or you’ll soon learn) that the topic of copywriting is one of the biggest ones we’ll cover. Want to know why? Well, let’s just say that I’ve seen firsthand how working with a website copywriter makes a big difference in the quality of the site. It also affects the efficiency of your project as well as the look of your website, its performance, and its impact!

You see, professional copywriting is more than just stringing together a few words. Expertly-written copy is how you can successfully engage your target audience and make sure you’re saying what your audience wants to hear, eventually leading to more sales or donors.

Let’s explore the benefits of having a professional website copywriting team in your corner and the real risks of going it alone.

The Perils of Proceeding Without a Pro Copywriter

I know, I know, it’s tempting to think, “Hey, I can write, why not just do it myself?” But here’s the deal: the nuances of nailing website copy are many, and missing them can lead to some serious issues. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the bumpy ride in store without a website copywriter.

Time Tangles

Without a website copywriter, you could find yourself in a loop of endless tweaks and frustrating delays. The content that’s not quite right leads to delays, missed opportunities, and a launch date that keeps getting pushed back. There really aren’t any winners here, my friends.

Vanilla Vibes

‘Meh’ website copy = ‘meh’ first impressions. Your website’s copy is often the first interaction people have with your brand. Subpar writing can make it a forgettable one – or worse – send potential clients running the other way.

SEO Who?

Poorly optimized website copy can significantly impact how well your website performs on search engines. Without implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices for website copywriting, you’re less likely to appear in search results, meaning all those potential clients are finding your competitors instead!

Blind Spots Galore

It’s tough to be objective about your own business. Without a professional’s touch, your site may fail to connect with your audience, meaning they’ll click away without taking action.

Redo Rodeo

Think DIY copy will save you cash? Think again. The time you spend writing and revising (and not doing what you do best) adds up, and so do the costs of a site with website copy that doesn’t convert.

Stress Fest

Balancing your actual job with makeshift website copywriting? That’s a recipe for burnout and a one-way ticket to Overwhelmsville. You don’t need the extra stress of copywriting on top of your already overflowing plate. Hand it to experts who know what they’re doing!

The Perks of Partnering with an Expert Copywriter

Now, let’s bask in the glow of the good stuff — because, oh yeah, everything improves when you team up with a professional wordsmith.

Speedy Gonzalez

You focus on your business and sip your coffee…and all that wordy stuff? It’s being polished until it shines. No fuss, no muss — just great content in your unique brand voice ready to charm the socks off your visitors on the big day.

Compelling Copy

A professional copywriter will know just how to present your awesomeness to make folks fall head over heels with your brand story. We’re talking about transforming your web visitors from “just browsing” to “totally smitten”, making sure they feel seen, understood, and super excited to join your journey.

High Performers

SEO can feel like this mystical, techy thing. But guess what? Your website copywriter has it down! They sprinkle their SEO magic on your content, helping your site climb up those search rankings and get noticed.

Fresh Perspective

Communication is key, right? When your content is crystal clear, it’s downright powerful. A website copywriter takes the soul of your brand and translates it into easy-to-digest language that connects with your audience.

They make sure your message hits home, feels genuine, and gets folks nodding along, thinking, “Yep, this is exactly what I need!”

Better ROI

Investing in professional copywriting pays off. Instead of writing DIY web copy and hoping for the best, you’re investing in words that work hard, bring in business, and keep those conversion gears turning.

Peaceful Process

Here’s the deal: while you focus on what you love, a copywriter takes the wheel on the content front. No more late-night writing sessions or stressing about snappy headlines.

You stay in your zen zone, the copywriters stay in their wordsmith lane, and together, we’ll make your website a place where visitors love to linger.

Human-Written Content

With the proliferation of AI copy, nothing beats the warmth and authenticity of content created by real, breathing humans. ChatGPT and the like can churn out text, sure, but can they capture passion, evoke emotion, or spark a genuine laugh? Not quite.

That’s where a professional copywriter can’t be beaten, bringing a personal touch that’s as authentic and unique as you are.

Our 5-Step Website Copywriting Process

I’m super excited to walk you through our collaborative, creative copywriting process here at Exhale Design Co.  It’s a journey we tailor to each client, ensuring the end result is as authentic and special as your brand itself.

#1 Discover:  Our copywriting team will start with a good ol’ chat about your business.  They’ll ask all the right questions to figure out what your business is all about, who you’re talking to, and what you want to say. 

#2 Wireframe:  Our copywriters don’t just write the copy, they strategize where it’ll go.  Every headline and call to action is placed with purpose in a clear wireframe, designed to guide your visitors on a journey from curious clickers to committed customers.

#3 Write:  Next, our copywriting team shapes your brand’s story, writing powerful website copy that gets your key messages across with clarity and charisma. 

#4 Review Home Page:  The team will present you with the homepage first, typically five days after the discovery call.  Your two cents matter big-time here.  You’ll get two rounds of revisions included in the price of your content package (though most clients don’t even need the second round!). 

#5: Review Entire Website:  Once you approve the homepage, our copywriting team will get to work and deliver the rest of the website text in one batch.

They typically get this done in another five working days (unless it’s an extra big site!). Again, you have two rounds of revisions to perfect everything.

#6 Design, Development, Launch:  With the copy locked in, it’s now time to take all that expertly-crafted content and design your website.  We strongly believe in designing a website around your unique content vs. trying to fit your content into some predetermined design that does not suit your brand or audience. 

You’ll get to see how your copy and website design come together, and you’ll be thankful you didn’t waste time and money writing your own website copy.  After your site design is approved, we proceed to the development (a.k.a. buildout) phase of your website.  Then, your new online home will go live for everyone to see and admire.  See the full process and read common FAQs here.

Should I Work with Freelance Writers or a Copywriting Agency?

When it comes to copywriting services, you get what you pay for. While you might be tempted to work with a freelance copywriter, the ones you find on the likes of Upwork can vary greatly in terms of quality, reliability, and price.

I’d highly recommend partnering with trusted website copywriters, like my partners at The Content Lab. I’ve worked closely with their website copywriters on many projects, so we have a solid process to streamline everything and keep the standards high.

Let’s Get Your Story Told – The Right Way

So, there you have it, folks — the lowdown on why working with a pro for your website copywriting project is an absolute non-negotiable in my eyes.

Want to work with a professional website copywriting team on your website build or redesign? Reach out to me, Stefani, at Exhale Design Co, and let’s create something amazing together!

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